5 Women Wore The Most Outrageous Swimsuits And The Result Is Heart-Pounding

One of the many facts about the Kardashian/Jenner clan is that they have the natural prowess to pull off any article of clothing — be it unusually frayed denim, oversized shirt or the most outrageous swimsuits. We don’t know how they do it but these women have mastered the art of wearing quirky ensembles, which means what might look tricky for you, leave it to the reality stars to pull off. Five real women took it upon themselves to experiment some of the racy swimsuits and can we say they got it right? Maybe yes or maybe no. Keep clicking to see some of the images here, then check on Cosmopolitan for the full coverage.



“I’m just waiting for Justin Timberlake to come and rip my boob out. This is not complementing my figure at all! My boobs do not fit. I feel like my nipple is going to come out any second to make its debut. My butt is so squished it looks nonexistent. This is not going to work out for me.” — Etienne


“This isn’t something I would wear to a, like, family lake with little 6-year-olds running around. This is definitely something I would rock on a baecation though.” — Alexis


“All these openings made it so hard to figure out what leg goes into what hole. Putting this on was the ultimate struggle.” — Stephanie


“Woo! I feel so exposed, but a good exposed. There’s a lot of cutouts in this one. I feel like my underboobs would be bouncing around a little too much though.” — Dasia


“Do people really wear this? What is the point of having it together if your entire stomach is exposed? Look! My boobs are out!” — Montana

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