Why You Should Integrate CBD Oil Into Your Beauty Routine


CBD oil is something that’s on the tips of people’s tongues – both literally and figuratively. It’s becoming a huge part of many people’s daily routines for their physical and mental health, and for their beauty. If you’ve found yourself getting curious about it, here is some information about how CBD could be helping you.

What is CBD?

CBD is a cannabinoid that is derived from industrial hemp. It is also found in marijuana, but it will not get you high as you would expect from weed. Instead, it acts as a mild sedative for many of the systems in the human body, helping your body and mind to be as great as it can be.

How Can CBD Help?

Reduce Inflammation

CBD helps to reduce inflammation, which is great for your face because it can reduce the amount of redness and acne you have on your face. This helps you to have fewer breakouts and spend less time touching your face. 

Help Control Oil Production

Our sebaceous glands produce oil that helps to keep our skin moisturized and healthy, but sometimes they do more or less work than they really need to. This is what leads to either dry skin or oily skin that requires you to use more products on your face to look your best. By using CBD, you can help to control that production and hopefully use more of your natural oil and less of the expensive skincare products.

Reduce the Appearance of Wrinkles

CBD helps you to get to sleep and stay asleep by triggering melatonin production. This is helpful because when you sleep well, your body produces more elastin and collagen. These help your skin to bounce back from any frowning or silly facial expressions, making it harder for fine lines and wrinkles to form on your face.

How Can You Take CBD?

There are thousands of different products on the market with CBD in them. They can mostly be put into three different categories –  pure oils, CBD-infused lotions, and CBD-infused foods. In order to get the best effects from CBD for your skin, you’ll want to use either a pure oil or an infused lotion. If you go for a lotion, it’ll need to be face-friendly and designed for your skin tone.

What to Watch For:

People who have issues with allergies to different types of grasses might find that they are also allergic to CBD because it is derived from industrial hemp which is a grass. Make sure to test it out on a patch of easily-treatable skin before you use it on your face or ingest it.

You’ll also want to talk to your doctor before ingesting CBD oil because it can cause problems if you take medications for things like sleep trouble or seizures. It can also be problematic if you have liver issues because CBD is metabolized in your liver. A doctor will be able to help you navigate any concerns you might have before you take the product and have an adverse reaction.


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