This Is The Color You Must Wear If You Get Invited To Cardi B.’s Wedding


Cardi B. isn’t the first who’s been engaged or getting married to a rapper boyfriend but she certainly going to be the first setting grossly unconventional dress code for her wedding guestsCardi, a former stripper turned rapper who just hit serious fame after dropping her hit single ‘Bodak Yellow’ told New York Magazine in her latest interview that, “the world is not ready” for her upcoming wedding to rapper Offset, and that’s because there are some difficult sartorial rules.

According to the rapper, guests will be allowed to wear only one color. “Everybody got to be wearing red,” she said. And while gowns are globally accepted for bridesmaids, Cardi has something more special for her maids of honor. Although she wasn’t specific about the color, but expect her girls to suit things up. “My bridesmaids,” she said, “are gonna be wearing suits, what’s good.

As for her wedding dress, it is, at this point indecipherable as to what the rapper would wear, but going by her quirky dress color code and her penchant for red, it makes some pretty sense to also expect something very crimson.


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