The Reasons Why Bridesmaids Wear Matching Dresses Will Shock You


Wedding is one of the most beautiful days that happen in your life, hence, there are basic things one expect from a wedding ceremony: a splendorous decor, a beautiful, polished bride outfitted in her ethereal wedding gown and her beautiful bridesmaids clad in identical dresses to provide a pleasing backdrop. While the wedding gown and bridesmaids’ dresses are often a huge part of the aesthetic of a wedding, there seems to be one thing you’ve never stop to wonder why it is so: Why are bridesmaids always wearing uniform dresses? Should you ever thought bridesmaids wearing the same dress could be attributed to the aesthetics, you’d be wrong, however, there is no offense, because everyday is a school day.

But you see, the origin of bridesmaids’ uniform dresses never had anything to do with the beauty, it is “actually connected to warding off demons,” according to Refinery 29 reports. The media platform found a video that revealed that the main origin of matching bridesmaids dresses could be traced back to ancient Rome, where the bride and her bunch of bridesmaids would dressed alike to trick anyone planning to steal or kidnap the bride. But you know the good news? Times have changed and nobody is tricking anyone again as modern brides are always dressed to stand out.


Image: Pinterest!

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