The Beauty Trends You Seriously Need To Stop In 2018


It’s hard to deny 2017 was not only renowned for insane fashion trends (if you could remember the ultimate detachable denim pants by Y/Project’s or the bare butt jeans by Vetements X Levi’s, and so forth) but it was also a year the social media experienced the weirdest beauty takeover. From hairy nails, wiggly lips to the grossly unconventional eyebrows, it was as if the beauty industry was inundated with alienated beauty junkies. But ladies, can we just stop it and have a beautiful beginning of the year?  Please, just stop it!

However, as we breeze into the New Year with joy, beauty Youtubber, Jackie Aina, has some handpicked beauty trends you need to bid farewell to alongside 2017. According to the widely known beauty vlogger, ‘how do you consciously wake up in the morning and make the decision to wear the wavy brows? Do you not love yourself, did your parents not pray for you when you were younger’? Continue to watch the video to see other beauty trends you need to ditch in 2018.




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