Ashley Graham Used Her Unedited Paparazzi Photos For Her New New Swimwear Campaign


Every now and then fashion and beauty brands are been praised for featuring unretouched photos of models that proudly show off their IRL body in a campaign and now body positivity model, Ashley Graham is taking the movement to another level. Rather than showing off those flawless images for her new Swimsuits For All Summer 2018 swimwear collection, Graham decided to use the untouched paparazzi images of herself where she termed, the  “Power of Paparazzi.”

The photos for the new campaign was completely shot by a Paparazzi and according to the model, there were the perfect photos after looking at the beautiful images of her being taken in Miami Beach. “When shooting this campaign in Miami, the paparazzi began following us and taking pictures,” Graham told “Looking at their photos sparked an idea, ‘Why not use their photos as the campaign images?’ These raw and unedited images would remind women that they are ‘flawless’ in their own right and that they already have the perfect beach body!”

She even said that although the images may have been unflattering, nothing was more beautiful than using an authentic photo of herself. “Of course it’s daunting knowing the paparazzi may have captured an unflattering photo, but I remind myself that being authentic is beautiful, and I have nothing to hide when it comes to my body because I know it’s changing people’s lives,” she added.

ashley-graham-unretouched-swimwear-campaignSWIMSUITS FOR ALL


ashley-graham-unretouched-swimwear-campaignSWIMSUITS FOR ALL


Graham, over the years, has been known as a major campaigner for body positivity and her new collection is size-inclusive, featuring gold-beaded embellished bikinis, one-piece in sizes 4 to 22 with a price range between $82 — $122. You can get your hands on the collection now on . 



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